At the moment we offer the following discounts:


Facebook Engagement

Follow us on Facebook, we post our updates there. Constantly giving coupons to our fans who engage with us on Facebook. If you post pictures of our designs, or pictures of you wearing our designs. Furthermore, if you share your personal experience with Hadaya and what your piece means to you, our team will surely grant you a coupon and even a gift as all of your personal stories are priceless #WeAreAllUnique - Hadaya on Facebook


Sunrise Sale

First customer of the day - 50% off the first item purchased (applied only on silver collection, up to $170). Many of those who want to be sure they are the first one of the day, head early to the old city and wait for us at the door before we open (5:30am). If you arrive after the store has opened, there is no way of knowing if you are the first customer before you pay. We are happy to announce that this tradition is now applied ONLINE! 
Starting Feb' 2017, every morning at 5:30AM (Israel time 10:30PM EST, 7:30PM PT) we will restart our daily counter and award the first item sold the same 50% discount (time stamped based, the first daily payment confirmation) in form of a refund to your card. #sunriseSale


Write reviews (and win coupons)

Review our designs (you'll have to be a registered user to do so). After you login to your account, a 'write a review' button will appear on the bottom of every product page on our site. We have a special coupon giveaway, where we give one out of every ten (1/10) reviews a $50 coupon to shop with Hadaya. We also have a yearly ruffle where we randomly pick a few reviews to receive more coupons. For our 2018 ruffle, we will also include reviews from Facebook, so feel free to add your review to our Facebook Page as well :) (and thank you for taking the time to review).


Join our AffiliFan program

We recently launched our new affiliate program which allows you to accumulate credit to shop with Hadaya by referring your friends. More details on our Affiliate page.


IDF Soldiers/Sherot discount

 (IN STORE ONLY) - 40% off our simple Yeshiva Ring if you arrive at the store before 11am.


Sale Box

 (IN STORE ONLY) - Items which were left as a result of mistakes in engravings (mixed up sides, mixed up lines etc...) and are waiting for the right customer, all discounted. (NEW - Online Gold and Silver #saleBox)