Yeshiva Girls

Hadaya's Yeshiva Girls

The term "Yeshiva Girl" was how Baruch would call the seminary girls who came to study in Jeruslem for a year.
Their requests for Hebrew quotes is what led Hadaya to our current main trend of hand made Hebrew engraved designs.
Yeshiva Girls visits to the studio at early morning times is what inspired Baruch to start, our now over 20 year tredition of, a daily Sunrise Sale.
After around 10 years of new business coming our way, Baruch recorded a special thank you track which we included in our old Hadaya website

 - Baruch Hadaya (2001)

Hadaya's direction was very much effected by Baruch's relationship with his Yeshiva Girls fans. He was smart enough to listen to their requests and find his true calling of spreading the Hebrew language, providing strength and inspiration to others. Today, it's Hadaya's main theme and what we do most. Hadaya's Book has grown to include many different texts with more than a few made up by Baruch (following a Yeshiva girl or a random customer's request). We are thankful for the Yeshiva designs which started our entire engraveable hand made collection and will always remember those who inspired our business. Thank you Yeshiva Girls !! #TeamHadaya


Yeshiva Girls Images

Tamar, Baruch's "First Yeshiva Girl". 
From past visits. First alone, then with the family.
Today, her daughter Merav is part of Team Hadaya