Hadaya Affiliate Program

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As the best path to new customers is our fans, we built SimplyHadaya.com to work both as a SimpLinks generator and as a referral tool.


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By using SimplyHadaya.com, each SimpLink is tagged automatically with your own unique code (we use your Hadaya networks User ID for that). Any purchase then made after clicking such link will be flagged in our system and each point accumulated by the new customer will now be applied to your account as well. Every 500 points will convert to $25 credit, and there is no limit on credit you can accumulate (redeemable online or at Hadaya studio).




Since our designs are made to inspire by using your own words, your creativity and knowing what your friends might relate to is a key. Think of inspiring/empowering quotes you can add to a design which you know your friends will appreciate, then make a SimpLink and share it online. It's always good to add a few lines describing your idea. Any new customer who was inspired by your link to shop on our website will be attributed to your User ID. Credit accumulated has no expiration and is good for purchasing anything at Hadaya except for shipping charges.

Contact us for any questions or support :)

 Thx for joining Team AffiliFan! #TeamHadaya


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