Process & Production

Currrent Production Time
5-18 days

Studio is currently making online orders number 239XX



After you have decided about the design measurements and engravings, you should add the item to your cart. Add comments and any gift messages then choose the shipping type and continue to checkout. Fill in the rest of the information then add credit card details and send your order.



Looking through the books (for quotes) and showcases (for designs), take your time and choose your own custom combinations. You may be able to try the size of an unpolished piece, before that specific one is put into the bag with instructions, pay (credit card or cash) and you are good to go.



Once our studio has your order we first verify the engravings (and contact you if needed), then we all take part in production, picking the right size piece, adjusting it by hammering, engraving it by hand, then cleaning/polishing before packing everything to be picked up or shipped. Mailed orders will be available for tracking within 24 hours at

Thank you for choosing Hadaya :)